Our mission at DataMetrics Consulting is simple – our clients come first.  When there is a mix of consulting companies that are out to gain the most money, the highest revenue, and the biggest name around, we are there listening to what the client truly needs.  This forms a strategic process that involves projects and services that will not go above what is truly needed or what cost should be to the client.  This all comes down to the primary focus of, the client.  This has allowed us to build relationships with our clients that have carried on through the years, not simply a few weeks’ worth of work.  DataMetrics Consulting has never had a client not come back to us for their SQL Server and data needs or left after we’ve performed a managed service for them.  This, and only this, is what we strive to achieve.  Our clients come first along with the relationships we build with them through the years to come, while growing their businesses.  


Administration Services


Database administration is an on-going, mission critical organization task. Our team of experienced, expert database administrators will take the time to review your infrastructure, recommend changes, and ensure maintenance is done in a consistent and efficient manner. We work with your business to ensure SLAs are met. Baselines will be captured and monitored, and if anything is out of the ordinary, we'll work to solve the problem. 

Data Architecture


The foundation of solid performance is solid design. Let our experts guide you through designing your infrastructure from the ground up. Whether you need a high availability solution, disaster recovery planning, migration to virtualization, database architecture, or re-design, we will help you every step of the way. 

Business Data Solutions


Your business's data is your business. With clear insight into your data, you can make the best decisions for the future. With careful planning and consideration, we'll dive deeply into your business's needs and answer those with your data. We'll unlock the information each department needs to see to perform their functions in a timely and accurate manner, while keeping security and integrity foremost. 

Business Intelligence 


Data is truly powerful when it is transformed into information. Your people will be experts when that information is turned into actionable insights. We will help you visualize your current information state, create key performance indicators to help you realize success, report on the many facets of your business, and make it all easy to read and understand. Using cutting-edge tools, your business will be empowered to move beyond reactive into proactive.