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Datametrics Consulting

At Datametrics Consulting, we are dedicated to transforming your data challenges into seamless solutions. Our mission, succinctly put:
Together we reach your data delivery goals.

About Us

Datametrics Consulting is a trusted name in the data consulting industry, specializing in a comprehensive array of services. From meticulous data architecture design to business data solutions and business intelligence, we ensure your data infrastructure is not just robust but tailored to suit your unique needs.

Our Approach

Our core philosophy revolves around putting clients first. In a world where many consulting firms chase profits and recognition, we stand apart by genuinely listening to our clients. We pride ourselves on a strategic approach that prioritizes your needs, ensuring projects and services are precisely aligned with your requirements and budget.


Our Team

Meet Ted Krueger, the driving force behind Datametrics Consulting. A seasoned IT leader and SQL Server MVP for six consecutive years, Ted has built a career on a foundation of development excellence. His journey from development to data architecture leadership has been marked by remarkable success, enabling us to offer unparalleled expertise to our clients. With expertise spanning IT leadership, SQL Server internals, BI and development, .NET Framework development, integration processing, database server technology, disaster/recovery designing, and more, our team is well-equipped to craft complete architectural layouts in a cloud service-oriented world. We believe in mastering the art of being a cohesive team, an essential ingredient in any well-planned professional development plan.

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